Fast Forward Philly: Building Connections Under A Concrete Sky, Philadelphia’s Underpasses

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Fast Forward Philadelphia

Building Connections Under A Concrete Sky: Philadelphia’s Underpasses

David Seok answered “What’s next for Philly?” during 2017 Fast Forward Philadelphia.

The Master Plan for the Central Delaware, published December 2011, by Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) identifies multiple locations where I95’s roadway infrastructure discourages access to the waterfront. These man-made barriers are not limited to the waterfront.  They occur throughout Philly and often divide neighborhoods.  Community groups, like DRWC have begun improving these connector underpasses as a kind of invitation for visitors.  Lighting, graphics, landscaping and art installations make the connectors a more attractive passageway.   We believe this treatment will spread around our city and will soon include interactive controls that not only invite but engage public participation.  Transforming vehicular passageways into destinations for community and connection.  Our presentation will discuss the current improvements and conceptualize about how this trend will develop and spread.