June 5th Memorial

June 5th Memorial - Jose F. Moreno

On June 5, 2018, Philadelphia unveiled the June 5th Memorial Park at 22nd and Market Streets to honor the victims of the 2013 Salvation Army building collapse. Three black granite monumental stones stand over eight feet high and display the names of those who were killed.

The design goal was to create a public space to honor the victims and to raise public awareness about the importance of safety in construction and demolition projects. Led by architect Scott Aker, artist Barb Fox, and the 22nd and Market Memorial Committee, The Lighting Practice was part of the team that donated time and expertise to design the memorial. Solid state lighting sources and fiber optics internally illuminate the stones and site in a manner that is both ethereal and sustainable. The lighting solution engages visitors and inspires peace and reflection.

“We’re here to say, in a way, these people still live in our hearts, and love is the most important thing,” said former City Treasurer Nancy Winkler at the anniversary ceremony dedicating the June 5th Memorial Park. Her 24-year-old daughter was among the six victims killed when the building collapsed.

TLP is proud to have been part of this meaningful project that has provided the victims’ families and the city with a place to remember this tragic day.


On 5th anniversary, a memorial park is dedicated at Salvation Army store collapse site

Philly.com | June 2018

The three 8½-foot-high black granite monumental stones unveiled Tuesday at the site of the deadly Salvation Army thrift store collapse face inward, away from the busy Center City intersection of 22nd and Market Streets.

Engraved on the stones are the names of the people killed in the June 5, 2013, collapse. On that bright, beautiful morning, a three-to-four-story wall of an adjacent building that was being demolished collapsed onto the thrift shop, killing six and injuring 13 others.

On Tuesday — another lovely June morning — hundreds attended an hour-long anniversary ceremony dedicating the June 5th Memorial Park. Mayor Kenney was among the speakers.

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Photograph by Jose F. Moreno