LED Availability: “Can we do it with LEDs?”

The question we get from clients more than ever is “Can we do it with LEDs?” This question has depended on LED availability.

A few years ago, the answer was usually ‘No’.  However, with advances in LED technology, the answer is becoming ‘Yes’ more than ever.  The main sticking point has been the significant up-front cost associated with LED lighting.  This could be changing within the next few years with a new LED manufacturing process using silicon substrates.  Typically, LEDs are manufactured by coating blue gallium-nitride with yellow phosphors.  The gallium-nitride is made on top of expensive sapphire substrates.  Instead of sapphire, Osram Opto Semiconductors has perfected a technique to use silicon substrates, which would cut the manufacturing cost by up to 75%.  Although this new silicon process hasn’t yet provided the high output LEDs that sapphire has, the potential sounds very promising and would have a significant impact on the LED market.  Click the link below to learn more about LED availability from MIT Tech Review.

Read the full article in MIT Tech Review: Cheaper LED Lightbulbs Are on the Way


Scientist holding a magnifine glass with enlarged LED image.