Moore College of Art: A Study of Light 2012

The Interior Design students at Moore College of Art have produced yet another collection of intriguing and creative luminaires made of paper products.

Ardour by Michelle Cianfrani
Inspired by the burning hot flames of fire, this luminaire is a creation of paper cut-outs layered to create varied intensities of lightness and darkness. The effect is a sculptural form that embodies the movement of fire.

  • Paper, wave-like cut-outs, staples
  • (1) 25w

Angel Hair Chandelier by Elizabeth Todd
This luminaire is a creative manipulation of paper strands elegantly draped and twisted under a luminous box to give a soft warm and inviting glow.

  • Paper strands, foam core, thread
  • (2) 40w clear incandescent globe lamp

Snowflake by Chang Chan
Driving the design of this luminaire is the idea of capturing light by creating two cylindrical forms, an outer paper shade and an inner snowflake paper cut-out core. The effect is a patterned projection of light that dances around the outer shade creating a whimsical play of light.

  • Paper, thread, snowflake cutout core
  • (1) 40w incandescent lamp

Cocoon by May Li
This beautiful glowing cocoon is the creation of a paper-mache structure designed to provide a soft warm light that engages the viewer. The textural surface of the luminaire renders various light intensities that emphasize its organic form.

  • Paper, tinfoil & glue
  • (1) 25w incandescent lamp

Follow the link for an opportunity to see past projects, A Study of Light 2011.

By Kimberly King, former Project Manager with The Lighting Practice


Ardour by Michelle Cianfrani

Angel-Hair-Chandelier by-Elizabeth-Todd

Angel Hair Chandelier by Elizabeth Todd


Snowflake by Chang Chan

Cocoon-by-May Li

Cocoon by May Li