Phase 1 of the Delaware River Trail is Open to the Public

We are happy to share that the first phase of the Delaware River Trail has opened.  TLP collaborated with The RBA Group landscape architects and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation to provide exterior lighting along the trail that will promote safe visibility and wayfinding.  TLP also integrated solar powered LEDs into the trail itself as a tool for wayfinding.  The lights will charge during the day and at night will provide consistent illumination along the trail’s path.

First Stretch of Delaware River Bicycle Trail Opens

By Summer Ballentine, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: June 19, 2013

With the snip of a blue ribbon and an inaugural ride by bicyclists, the first 1,400 feet of the Delaware River Trail from Spring Garden Street to Ellen Street was opened Monday morning.

The bicycling, running, and walking trail is separated from Delaware Avenue by shrubbery. It’s part of an initiative started by Mayor Nutter in 2009 to create about five miles of trails along the Delaware waterfront to spur development and green transportation.

“The master plan for the central Delaware calls for a continuous waterfront trail to renew our connection to the water’s edge,” Nutter told a crowd of about 50. “I know, piece by piece, this trail will do just that.”

The completed section of the trail was built on public land and ends just before the parking lot of SugarHouse Casino, said Lizzie Woods, project manager for the Delaware River Waterfront Corp. Construction began in early February and finished Friday, Woods said.

The trail is lined with gardens to absorb rainfall and help keep it from overwhelming sewage and drainage systems, and is lit by solar power.

Once the full trail is finished, it will connect with the Circuit, a series of bicycle and pedestrian paths that advocates hope to expand into a citywide transportation system, and the East Coast Greenway, which is projected to run from Maine to Florida and connect the Delaware River and the Schuylkill.

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