Philadelphia’s Patriotic Makeover: Filbert Street Corridor

Filbert Street Corridor Reading Terminal

Thursday, June 30, members of the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority and Reading Terminal Market flipped the switch illuminating the Filbert Street Corridor in red, white, and blue. The Lighting Practice proudly attended the unveiling of Filbert Street’s new LED lighting system and appreciated the acknowledgment of our efforts during the opening ceremony.

Principal, Al Borden, and Project Manager, Ryan Conover, collaborated on the design for Filbert Street’s new LED lighting system. The PCCA and Reading Terminal wanted the new lighting to create a bright, festive identity for the market and a safe, secure environment for their visitors.  TLP’s lighting solution meets those requirements. The design features RGB LED nodes that line the beams of the underpass creating a dynamic visual contrast to the surrounding industrial materials. The LED nodes can be programmed to display static colors, twinkling accents (likes stars) and cascading waves of color. The walkways are also illuminated by white and RGB LED fixtures. These pools of light are capable of a full range of color from a white to primaries to pastels.  Historical sconces blend seamlessly with the Terminal’s architecture while appropriately illuminating walkways and enhancing pedestrian safety.

TLP transformed a once dark, dreary and uninviting space into a bright and welcoming entrance to the Reading Terminal and the adjacent PA Convention Center.

Reading Terminal Market Flips Switch on Corridor Lights

LED system provides more visibility for vehicles, pedestrians on Filbert Street


The market flipped the switch Thursday on a multi-colored LED lighting system in the Filbert Street corridor, which runs adjacent to the market and beneath the old Reading Railroad train shed.

The $547,000 project features a programmable control system that fills the sidewalks and 16 of the steel support beams above with colored lights.

The corridor also features 12 large, white light wall sconces. The system, officials said, is designed to provide more visibility for vehicles and pedestrians who travel through the corridor. More than half of the project’s funding came from a grant from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.

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Prepping the Reading Market for the DNC

6abc Action News | Thursday, June 20, 2016

Filbert Street Corridor
Photograph by Jered E. Widmer, The Lighting Practice

Photograph by Jered E. Widmer, The Lighting Practice