Jered Widmer Shares the Benefits of Smart Retail Lighting in FacilitiesNet

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The retail world has been one of the pioneer industries utilizing smart lighting systems. At The Lighting Practice, our team has helped transform numerous brick-and-mortar store models to attract today’s tech-savvy shoppers and better serve their needs. In an article for FacilitiesNet, TLP Principal Jered Widmer explains how smart lighting systems benefit both retailers and their customers.

Smart lighting technology can offer more a customized, memorable and convenient shopping experience for consumers. In the article, Jered explains that pre-populated shopping lists and turn-by-turn navigation are just a click away on shoppers’ smartphones, helping them to efficiently locate products. They can also request in-store assistance and receive notifications about sales based on their location, personal preferences, and/or shopping history. Dimming capabilities and color temperature adjustments can shape perception and evoke an emotional response. Controllable lighting can simultaneously highlight key products, enhance wayfinding and exploration, and reinforce a brand.

Based on the data collected by smart lighting systems and a store’s branded apps, retailers can better understand customers’ preferences, needs, and in-store habits. They can then make product placement decisions, inventory plans, and employee-customer interaction accordingly, Jered notes.

As smart lighting technologies continue to evolve, retailers will be able to utilize these new tools to drive revenue, serve their customers, and enhance the shopping experience. “Advances in smart lighting technology will continue to allow retailers to stretch the limits of how they serve their customer base,” he explains. “The potential applications continue to grow alongside these innovations.”


Benefits of LED-based Smart Lighting Systems

FacilitiesNet | March 2018

Consumers are looking for tech-forward convenience now more than ever, creating an unprecedented need for fast changes in the retail world. As brick-and-mortar stores evolve to meet their guests’ expectations, many retail facilities are finding value in LED-based smart lighting technologies.

The benefits of smart lighting are two-fold. For consumers, using the technology means getting a customized, convenient shopping experience. On their smartphones, shoppers can use pre-populated shopping lists and turn-by-turn navigation to locate products. They can make requests for in-store assistance and receive location-based notifications about relevant sales and savings based on personal preferences or their shopping history.

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