St. Thomas Hall Façade Glows with School Spirit

The University of Scranton’s St. Thomas Gateway is a prominent entryway at the end of Linden Street. At a ceremony held February 20, 2020, the University unveiled the upgraded west-facing façade of St. Thomas Hall that features a modern glass wall. The four-story façade incorporates a large-scale graphic of the University’s seal etched into the glass.

Led by hemmler + camayd architects, The Lighting Practice performed exterior lighting design services to illuminate the glass-wall and the immediate surrounding site. The design team renovated the early 1960’s building to incorporate local materials. A mix of quarried granite and the region’s distinctive West Mountain stone pays homage to the historical attributes of Scranton.

To highlight the University seal, Principal Al Borden, Associate Principal Jon Hoyle, and Project Manager David Seok utilized low-profile fixtures to create a lightbox element within the glass. The team carefully placed fixtures to create a glowing effect of the seal without illuminating the interior atrium. TLP developed lighting solutions for the immediate surrounding areas to illuminate façade materials and create a welcoming environment at the adjacent seating areas.

The Lighting Practice is honored to have been part of the design team to illuminate the prominent gateway and create a distinctive nighttime identity for the University of Scranton.

Watch the capabilities of the new lighting system for St. Thomas Hall below:

The University of Scranton: Light Show for the St. Thomas Gateway