STV Takes Home Honorable Mention for Betsy Ross Interchange Rehabilitation

Betsy Ross Interchange Rehabilitation

Congratulations to STV on receiving an Honorable Mention from the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) Philadelphia Chapter’s Outstanding Engineering Achievement Program!

In a long-term project to improve the roadways and ease congestion along I-95 in Philadelphia, STV provided a variety of engineering services for the Betsy Ross Interchange rehabilitation project. Led by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), STV and The Lighting Practice are part of the team providing numerous improvements to the interstate with the intention of fully rebuilding it over the next decade. The Lighting Practice has been tasked with lighting several areas involved in the I-95 reconstruction. Al Borden and Ryan Conover are continuing to design the lighting systems for underpass and understructure spaces as well as pole lighting for roadways and pedestrians.

The annual PSPE awards recognize exceptional engineers. Awards are nominated through each PSPE chapter’s awards committee or its President, and the winners are recognized at the PSPE State Engineers Conference each year.