Bárbara Maranhão Jr. Assoc. IALD

Lighting Designer I

Bárbara Maranhão joined The Lighting Practice in 2019. She began her career in Brazil, working for several architecture and interior design firms and later leading her own office. She continued her interior design focus while living in Ireland and with a New Jersey interior design firm after moving to the United States. It was here that Bárbara realized her passion for lighting. She honed her skills with a Pennsylvania lighting design firm prior to joining TLP. Since joining TLP, Bárbara has worked on retail, corporate, religious and educational projects. She is fluent in Spanish and speaks Portuguese as her first language. Bárbara has a passion for beauty, the arts, and the poetics of design.

Where do you think the lighting industry will be in 10 years?
It will be deeply integrated to sustainability.

Who are your heroes and why?
My mother is my first. My mother is strong; she is my inspiration for life and the one who has taught me the importance of love. My sister has done so many things for me and has been strong and always protected me since we were little, even though she’s younger.

What was your favorite subject in school? Why?
History. I love learning about how people have lived in different parts of the world in different times and trying to have a better understanding about human’s feelings and way of life.

What song best describes you?
It’s a Brazilian song called Sala de Reboco, that says something like, “Every minute that I have will never be enough to dance with my love in the sala de recobo.”


Master of Science in Interior Architecture, Thomas Jefferson University

Bachelor of Architecture, Federal University of Pernambuco

Credentials & Affiliations

  • International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) - Junior Associate Member