TLP Illuminates Pershing Square Viaduct at Grand Central Terminal

For more than a century, Grand Central Terminal has been a major landmark in New York City. In front of Grand Central is Pershing Square Viaduct, a small bridge that allows visitors to safely cross 42nd Street to the terminal. Last month, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the viaduct’s new colorful lighting installation as part of his “… commitment to transform New York’s roads and bridges into works of public art.”

The Lighting Practice worked with Metro-North and the New York City Department of Transportation to design a lighting system for Pershing Square Viaduct. The design not only complements the grand architecture of Grand Central, but also betters the wayfinding experience for visitors headed to the terminal. Color-changing LED lighting takes an artful approach to improve the footbridge’s nighttime functionality.

Of the viaduct’s new colorful illumination, MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas F. Prendergast said, “With these new LED lights, the Pershing Square Viaduct will serve as a beacon to Grand Central Terminal…. Not only will it help customers find their way to Grand Central, it can foster a sense of shared pride and community through stunning light displays that celebrate holidays and special occasions.”

Governor Cuomo Announces Led Lighting Installed on Pershing Square Viaduct at Grand Central

Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo | January 2017

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the illumination of Pershing Square viaduct in front of Grand Central Terminal with color-changing LED lighting. The lighting, which is intended to complement the grandeur of Grand Central Terminal, will enhance the ability of nighttime pedestrians anywhere along 42nd Street to find their way to Grand Central at a glance.

“Grand Central Terminal is one of our great public landmarks, and this new lighting on the Pershing Square Viaduct further enhances the beauty and grandeur of this New York icon,” Governor Cuomo said. “This is one of the many infrastructure improvements this administration is making to New York’s transportation network in order to improve its form, function and reliability in order to meet the needs of current and future generations of New Yorkers.”

Read the full press release here: Governor Cuomo Announces LED Lighting Installed on Pershing Square Viaduct