TLP Participates in Signify CoCreation Session Covering Products and Strategies

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Signify CoCreate Session

The Lighting Practice was among nine leading lighting designers and artists who participated in the Burlington CoCreate Session, an international forum led by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting). The session offered an opportunity to discuss the company’s current technologies and to comment on products and strategies currently in development.

“I was impressed by the breadth and diversity of experience among the nine guests and by the interest and openness of our Signify hosts to the topics raised by the guests,” said Alfred Borden, Founder and Principal of The Lighting Practice. “We covered a lot of ground, all of which was focused on pushing the limits of the technology.”

Signify led the discussion surrounding its product line of luminaires and control systems. The company posed questions about which products the designers often choose, how they have used them, and how they would take the technologies to the next level. The CoCreate Session offered insight into the ways Signify might develop control systems and luminaire products moving forward to appeal to the current needs in the marketplace.

“In order to push the limits of what lighting can do, it’s critical that we work closely with our partners to foster creativity and collaboration,” said Jose dos Santos, Head of Design & User Experience Americas at Signify. “The Lighting Practice provided invaluable input and feedback that will help us continue to unlock the extraordinary potential of light.”

In March 2018, Philips Lighting announced the plan to change its name to Signify. The change marks a new strategic vision and corporate look and feel while continuing to use the iconic Philips brand on its products.


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