Lighting Chester County Hospital’s Largest Expansion Ever

Chester County Hospital Expansion

As Chester County Hospital celebrates its 125 years of service, it is also gearing up to break ground on the largest expansion in the hospital’s history.

The Lighting Practice is part of the design team working on the 276,000-square-foot addition to the hospital, which is part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. TLP’s Helen Diemer, Emad Hasan, and John Conley provided lighting design for the exterior entries, courtyards, interior lobby and public spaces. The lighting design will reinforce the architectural design by highlighting architectural features. It will also act as a wayfinding device to guide visitors and patients through the building.

Once construction is complete, the hospital will gain a beautiful new front entrance in addition to new operating rooms suites, additional emergency department rooms and high-tech labs, new areas for non-invasive cardiology and pre-admission testing, and as many as 96 inpatient beds (pending approval). Construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

TLP is proud to be a part of this exciting expansion that will allow Chester County Hospital to provide its high quality care for even more patients.


Penn plans $90M expansion at Chester County Hospital | February 2017

Chester County Hospital, part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, is scheduled to start a $90 million, 276,000-square-foot expansion this spring, the largest in its history, Penn said.

The expansion will include 14 modern operating rooms, 10 emergency department rooms, four labs for catheterization and other procedures, and up to 96 inpatient rooms, pending approvals. The expansion is expected to take several years to complete and will give the West Chester hospital a new front entrance, Penn said.

When Penn acquired Chester County Hospital and Health System in 2013, it agreed to spend $130 million on capital improvements and the expansion of services in the first five years of ownership.

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