David L Lawrence Water Feature colorful lighting David L Lawrence Water Feature colorful lighting

David L. Lawrence Convention Center Water Feature Lighting

Pittsburgh, PA

Located on the banks of the Allegheny River, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center’s Water Feature provides a 2-block long pedestrian connection between downtown Pittsburgh and the Three Rivers Trail System. The feature’s existing lighting was submersed in pools of water and had become an energy and maintenance headache. The center’s operator, Sports and Exhibition Authority, pursued a re-design of the lighting system to take advantage of more cost-effective technologies. TLP began with a series of on-site mock ups to determine how the new lighting would interact with moving water. A color-changing LED system mounted to the ceiling above the water, was selected for its long-life, easy access, low maintenance, and a 94% reduction in energy consumption. The new system is vibrant and welcomes visitors to one of the center’s most unique elements.


IES Illumination Awards: Award of Excellence for Energy and Environmental Design, 2013
IES Illumination Awards: Award of Merit, 2013
IES Philadelphia Section: Section Award, 2013


Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh & Allegheny County

Special features

  • 94% reduction in energy consumption


Alfred Borden

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