Hamilton Hotel

Washington, D.C.

The 100-year-old, art deco, 318-room Hamilton Hotel underwent a makeover to modernize the hotel’s amenities and re-establish it as a DC destination. The Lighting Practice worked closely with the design team to create memorable moments in the hotel’s amenity spaces and adjacent restaurant. The library-themed microbar pays homage to the hotel’s prohibition-era architect, Jules-Henri de Sibour. Inspired by secret societies and styled after a speakeasy, the bar is dimly lit to enhance the feeling of privacy. Recessed fixtures illumate the bar, seating areas, and built-in cabinets. Via Sophia, the hotel’s Italian restaurant, uses decorative light fixtures and artwork to connect to the hotel’s art deco style. Lighting integrated into alcoves emphasizes the artwork and decorative pizza paddles supporting the aesthetic and crating interest. A warm 2700K color temperature is used in all light fixtures.


Jered Widmer

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