The JFK Tribute, Fort Worth, TX The JFK Tribute, Fort Worth, TX
JFK Tribute design JFK Tribute design
The JFK Tribute Texas The JFK Tribute Texas
The JFK Tribute TX The JFK Tribute TX

The JFK Tribute

Fort Worth, TX

Downtown Fort Worth wanted to create a tribute to President John F. Kennedy to honor and remember his 1963 visit and impromptu speech in Fort Worth, TX.  The JFK Tribute is located across the street from the hotel where he stayed, telling the story of his visit.  The Lighting Practice was tasked with the goal of illuminating the Tribute in a magical way, hiding luminaires and highlighting important details of the architecture.  Clear glass, etched with speech excerpts are edge-lit with hidden LED light sources, allowing the text to glow in a floating field of emptiness.  The title panel is cut into the granite facade and backlit with LED fiber optic sources.  Three historic photos from that day are carefully backlit with long-life fluorescent and dimmed to provide a romantic glow.  Overall, the lighting design integrates cleanly into the Tribute to help tell the story of that morning on November 22, 1963.

IES Illumination Awards: Award of Merit, 2013
IES Philadelphia Section: Certificate of Merit, 2013


Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.





Jered Widmer

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