Karinne Loos

Karinne Loos


Karinne Loos joined The Lighting Practice in 2023 as a Designer after working as an Intern during the summer of 2022. In her role, she coordinates with allied team members and performs documentation of design and construction administration tasks. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Arts and Architecture at The Pennsylvania State University and has interned at two other firms in the lighting industry. Karinne is driven by a passion for designing spaces and is fascinated by the visual impact that lighting creates.

What’s your favorite aspect of light? 
I love how light can fill a space and create a specific feeling most of the time without you even knowing it.

If you couldn’t be a lighting designer, what would you be?
If I couldn’t be a lighting designer I would want to be an interior designer, I have always had an affinity for designing spaces and the visual impact.

If you had everyone over to your house for dinner, what would you prepare?
If I had a dinner party I would serve oysters because they are my favorite food and a fun appetizer to eat with family and friends

What/where is your ideal vacation?
My dream vacation is a remote house on a island where I can lounge in the sun all day in peace


Bachelor of Integrative Arts and Architecture - Pennsylvania State University