TLP Working to Enhance the Lives of Philadelphians Living in the Shadows of I-95 with I-95 Sustainable Initiatives

Rendering of I-95 Underpass Lighting

This week we attended and were facilitators for, the third community workshop for a series of projects revolved around the widening of I95 and the revitalization of surrounding areas (I 95 Sustainable Initiatives).

We have been working with PennDot District 6 and URS, along with several community groups, to develop new lighting strategies for the roadways, pedestrian walkways and greenspace in adjacent neighborhoods along I 95 connecting to the Delaware Waterfront to further the I-95 Sustainable Initiatives. In addition, we have been exploring ways to integrate infrastructure into this project for future improvements, such as artistic lighting.

There has been an overwhelming desire for “safer” lighting along the connecting streets and beneath the highway leading the Delaware Avenue and Richmond Street. Three lighting concepts have been presented: Neighborhood Approach, Neutral Approach, and Iconic Approach. Of course, the iconic approach was most well received but would need additional partners to purchase, install and maintain the color-changing lighting systems.

At the very least, we will ensure the roadway, pedestrian walkways, and vertical surfaces are well lit to create the feeling of safety the neighborhood desires. We can only hope that the pilot program approved along Richmond Street, which used LED lighting (HUGE victory!), can be expanded through these connecting arterial roads. For more information on the decisions made on Tuesday night click here. ┬áThe photos at the top and at right are of myself presenting the feedback received in my group called “Delaware Avenue & Pedestrian Waterfront Connections”.

*Post by Heather Kilroy, former Associate with The Lighting Practice