Celebrating 5 Years of TLP New York

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“We are thrilled to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of our NYC office, a milestone that signifies not only our growth but also the remarkable accomplishments of our New York team. Our diverse backgrounds, combined with our deep industry knowledge, enable us to approach challenges with creativity and innovation. Over the years, we have consistently exceeded expectations and demonstrated our commitment to excellence.

We have successfully navigated the dynamic and competitive New York market, delivering exceptional results for our clients and establishing strong relationships within the community. We thank our clients for their trust and confidence in partnering with us and allowing us to do great things. You are an integral part to our success.

I’m genuinely thrilled to observe the ongoing growth and achievements of our remarkable New York team. Their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, along with their passion for excellence, will undoubtedly continue to drive their success.”

Thomas Bergeron
Director of The Lighting Practice, New York