Jered Widmer discusses IoT in LD+A Magazine article, “Shaky Ground?”

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Jered Widmer, principal with The Lighting Practice, recently joined four other lighting designers to address the current market for the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected lighting in the LD+A article, “Shaky Ground?” where he offers his own insights and observations about the technology and how he sees TLP implementing loT and connected lighting in future projects.

Jered says, “I think there is also a big learning curve that needs to be addressed in the AEC industry to fully take advantage of IoT and connected lighting.” He explains that one of the greatest obstacles to implementation so far is “knowledge and understanding.”

Jered educates clients and team members through a collaborative design process, facilitating a better understanding of the impact of lighting. His passion for digital technology and smart home integration has fueled his pursuit of understanding IoT and Smart Lighting applications and their benefit to our clients and project sectors.

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