LD+A Interviews TLP’s Ryan Conover On Illuminating the Sagamore Spirit Distillery

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LD+A Magazine, a publication of the Illuminating Engineering Society, recently sat down with Project Manager Ryan Conover, EDAC, Assoc. IALD,  to discuss the design of the Sagamore Spirit Distillery. The Illuminating Engineering Society is a national organization dedicated to improving the lighted environment and sharing the latest lighting knowledge.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the Sagamore Spirit Distillery offers whiskey tours in addition to distilling award-winning spirits. The Lighting Practice worked with the owner and the design team, led by Ayers Saint Gross, to develop interior and exterior lighting solutions for the 22,000-SF main building and the 27,000-SF welcome and processing center. “Our goal, determined through discussions with Ayers Saint Gross, was to create a unique destination that evokes the warmth of whiskey,” says Ryan, “we also wanted to create a design that made the project site visible and inviting, attracting visitors from all over.” One of the challenges, Ryan explains, was specifying lighting fixtures that aligned with the design concept, met the client’s needs, and met the Hazardous Area classification requirements. TLP successfully navigated the project’s challenges and developed a lighting solutions that enhances the brand identity and the visitor experience.

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Photography by Alan Karchmer