Light + Health Group

The Lighting Practice, a national leader in lighting design, is continually reviewing research on light and human health.  Our team is committed to growing our knowledge on the impact of light and ways electric lighting can benefit people within a space.  By furthering our knowledge of human-centric lighting, an approach that focuses on human wellbeing in addition to function and aesthetics, TLP will continue to support architectural environments that improve our clients’ communities and lives.

The Light + Health Group includes Michael Barber, Assoc. IALD, LEED AP BD+CCaitlin Bucari, Ryan Conover, EDAC, Assoc. IALD, and Matthew Fracassini, MIES, LEED AP BD+C. This team of designers is currently studying past and current research on circadian lighting as well as existing fixtures that may support this human-focused approach to design.

Circadian Lighting

Circadian lighting, a concept that suggests carefully designed lighting can positively impact a person on a physiological level, is at the forefront of our internal and external discussions. “While light’s effect on humans has been studied for decades, only recent discoveries have found a direct link between light and human physiology,” explains Michael Barber of The Lighting Practice’s Light + Health Group. “The exact workings of this intricate biological system are not fully known.”

“The research in circadian lighting is in its infancy,” Mike noted. “The Lighting Practice is committed to supporting our clients and the design community through comprehensive reviews of data and continued interaction with researchers.”

The Lighting Practice’s core values of providing exceptional lighting design and service will remain paramount during this intriguing chapter in the industry.