Meet The Lighting Practice’s Newest Project Managers & Lighting Designers

The Lighting Practice attributes success to its talented and hardworking designers, who combine creative enthusiasm with the most up-to-date industry knowledge. We are pleased to introduce two new project managers: A. Pomme Lee and Jeffrey Kahn and two new lighting designers: Amanda Constantine and Johnathan Whalen. Our newest designers bring a variety of experience and expertise to the practice.

Pomme Lee, LEED AP, LC – Project Manager
Pomme rejoined The Lighting Practice after working with a lighting agency in the Philadelphia area. With her dual architecture and engineering degrees plus her experience with a lighting agency, Pomme has a unique skill set and understanding within the lighting industry. She is experienced in architectural lighting design and lighting control systems for buildings in a broad range of project types, including academic, civic, commercial, and corporate. As a LEED Accredited Professional, she is also experienced in design of high efficiency lighting and daylight harvesting systems.

Jeffrey Kahn, IES – Project Manager
Jeffrey brings with him a wide breadth of experience in lighting design. Throughout his 17-year career in lighting design, he has developed lighting solutions for a variety of projects including residential, corporate office, specialty and general labs, and the public sector. Jeffrey is an active member of the Illuminating Engineering Society and serves as Vice President of its Philadelphia Section. He stays in touch with his theatrical roots by volunteering for children’s/young adult theater.

Amanda Constantine, AIAS – Lighting Designer
Amanda is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Architecture degree at Drexel University. She is an active member of the American Institute of Architecture Students, a nonprofit organization dedicated to excellence in architectural education and practice. Amanda’s pursuit of a career in lighting design began with her interest in using light to shape an atmosphere and draw attention to key aspects of a building or place. Since joining TLP, her project experience has expanded to include commercial, retail, education, and corporate environments as well as site and exterior lighting.

Johnathan Whalen – Lighting Designer
Johnathan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture degree with a minor in Construction Management from Drexel University. Johnathan’s pursuit of a career in lighting design stemmed from his interest in the interaction of light with a space as well as the influence of technological advancements in lighting products on architectural design. Since joining TLP, Johnathan has designed lighting for a variety of environments including education, healthcare, exhibit, exterior facades, and the iconic Trenton Makes bridge.

We are proud to welcome these four outstanding designers to our team.

Pomme Lee, Project Manager
Pomme Lee, LEED AP, LC
Project Manager

Jeffrey Kahn, Project Manager
Jeffrey Kahn, IES
Project Manager

Amanda Constantine, Lighting Designer
Amanda Constantine, AIAS
Lighting Designer

Johnathan Whalen, Lighting Designer
Johnathan Whalen
Lighting Designer