Meet TLP’s Summer 2022 Interns

This summer, The Lighting Practice has been delighted to have five Lighting Design Interns join our team. Through this internship, they are able to learn the day-to-day responsibilities of lighting designers, understand more in-depth technical knowledge, and pursue their passion for design.

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee is an Architectural Engineering student focusing in Lighting/Electrical Design at Pennsylvania State University. She is also a member of the IES Penn State Chapter and the current president of The Japanese Friendship Association. When she’s not interning at The Lighting Practice or studying Architectural Engineering, Rachel loves checking out new restaurants and trying new foods!

Karinne Loos

Karinne Loos is a student at Pennsylvania State University studying Integrated Arts and Architecture with a focus in Lighting Design. She is also a member of the Fashion Society of Penn State. When she is not studying lighting design or interning at The Lighting Practice, Karinne loves DIY projects, like sewing, knitting and upcycling.

Phernegize Manigat

Phernegize Manigat is a dual-degree student at Parsons School of Design, earning her Master’s in Architecture and MFA in Lighting Design! She is a member of the Obsidian Group at Parsons and freelances with her interior design skills. When she is not interning at The Lighting Practice, Phernegize enjoys catching live shows, taking long walks while listening to albums, cooking, and trying new restaurants.

Amanda Gill

Amanda Gill is an Interior Design student at Virginia Commonwealth University and has an interest in learning how to design lighting successfully and improve already existing structures and interiors. When she is not studying interior design or interning at The Lighting Practice, Amanda enjoys attending dance workshops, watching tv series and spending time with friends.

Piyusha Talathi

Piyusha Talathi is earning her MFA in Lighting Design from Parsons School of Design. Her favorite aspect of light is how it affects the lives of people in different ways. When she is not interning at The Lighting Practice, Piyusha likes to go kayaking, rafting, hiking and parasailing. Piyusha speaks five languages and understands nine, and she enjoys reading and watching content in different languages.


Rachel Lee, Pennsylvania State University

Karinne Loos, Pennsylvania State University

Phernegize Manigat, Parsons School of Design

Amanda Gill, Virginia Commonwealth University

Piyusha Talathi, Parsons School of Design