IoT and Smart Lighting Explained

Jered Widmer, IALD, MIES, explains the important role lighting and The Lighting Practice is playing in the IoT ecosystem. He also provides tips for facilities interested in utilizing smart technology. Video filmed and produced by Oak Leaf Media


What is Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)?

Lillian Knoerzer, Assoc. IALD demystifies correlated color temperature (CCT) explaining when it is appropriate to use warm and/or cool color temperatures.  Lily also shares some of the factors The Lighting Practice considers when recommending CCTs for our projects like culture, climate, market sector, and even materials and finishes used in the space. Video filmed and…


Value of Visualizing Light: VR and 3D Renderings

Michael Barber, Assoc. IALD, LEED AP BD+C, Principal with The Lighting Practie, explains how lighting designers use three-dimensional renderings and VR technology to better understand a space and to visualize how light is ultimately realized. Video filmed and produced by Oak Leaf Media


Lighting Brings Historic Theaters to Life

As lighting designers develop their concept for restoring and renovating a historic theater, several facets inform the design approach: the building’s original je ne sais quoi, its architecture, and the client’s renovation goals.

Jon Hoyle Discusses the New ICR Discovery Center’s Lighting System

Jon Hoyle recently discussed the integrated lighting controls for the new ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History with ET Now. The Institute for Creation Research conducts scientific research within the context of biblical creation. The new Discovery Center for Science and Earth History is a 26,000-SF, single-level expansion where visitors can explore galleries…

Al Borden Delivers Keynote at IALD Rocky Mountain Event

“Practice really hearing what people say. Do your best to get inside their minds.” – Marcus Aurelius There is more misunderstanding in every conversation than understanding. This issue can present a problem as design team members collaborate on projects and interact with their clients. As the keynote speaker at the International Association of Lighting Designers’…

The Lighting Practice Has an Award-winning Marketing Team!

The Lighting Practice is delighted to announce that the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Philadelphia honored the firm with two Philly’s Phinest 2020 Marketing Communications Awards! TLP’s 30th anniversary marketing campaign, spearheaded by Principal Jered Widmer, IALD, MIES, Darcy Veneziale, CPSM, and Karina Vargas-Aquino, took home First Place in the category of Promotional Campaign…

Three TLP projects win 2019 GBCA Construction Excellence Awards!

The Construction Excellence Awards is the premier construction awards program in Philadelphia, recognizing excellence in construction from General Building Contractors Association (GBCA) members. The Lighting Practice is delighted to announce that three of the firm’s projects took home Construction Excellence Awards this year! Bryn Mawr Hospital Patient Pavilion Expansion: Best Healthcare Project Bryn Mawr Hospital,…