PCC’s Broad St Facade Illuminated in Time for LIGHTFAIR 2013

TLP designer, Stephen Hoppe, comments on the design process which led to illuminating the PA Convention Center’s Broad Street Façade utilizing Acclaim LED fixtures.

Acclaim Provides Dramatic Marquee for LIGHTFAIR 2013
with Pennsylvania Convention Center LED Display

Lightfair International 2013 attendees will be able to experience LED fixtures from Acclaim Lighting before they ever set foot on the show floor. That’s because a massive colorful display featuring the Los Angeles-based supplier’s architectural lighting products has been permanently installed over the Broad Street entrance of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where Lightfair 2013 will take place April 21-25.

Created by The Lighting Practice of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the 172′ wide, 60′ high marquee-like display serves as a fitting gateway to the world’s largest annual architectural lighting trade show. It utilizes Acclaim’s AL Bar AC 1200, a 47.25″/120cm IP65-rated direct view RGB LED tube.

Installed as part of the PCC’s $785 million expansion project, the Acclaim LED display came about after The Lighting Practice was called on to improve upon a previous design plan for lighting the one million-sq.-ft. building’s façade. The glass and tensile façade, which sits out about 20′ in front of the building’s actual lobby wall, is elevated about 25′ off the ground and extends upward 100′.

Big, open and prominent, the glass façade literally called out for a dramatic lighting presentation, said Stephen Hoppe of The Lighting Practice. “There was an existing lighting design, but they decided that they’d like something a little fancier and more integrated into the architecture. With the glass and horizontal bars already there, they realized that the lighting wasn’t meeting the architecture at the right place, so to speak,” Hoppe explained. Consulting with his local lighting rep, Diversified Lighting, http://dlafirst.com/ Hoppe learned about the Acclaim AL Bar AC 1200. “We hadn’t worked with Acclaim before, but obviously we knew that something like a direct view was out there. They explained the product to us, told us about Acclaim’s reputation and all the theatrical work they’d been doing with it.”

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