The San Francisco Bay Bridge Takes the Spotlight

the bay bridge

The San Francisco Bay Bridge Takes the Spotlight

It’s no stretch to say that LEDs have revolutionized the lighting industry by creating new opportunities previously impossible with conventional sources.  The latest example of this was unveiled earlier this week in San Francisco, where the San Francisco Bay Bridge was transformed by LEDs.  For the next two years, the nearly two-mile span will feature an LED art installation called “Bay Lights”, by artist Leo Villareal.  The installation uses the bridges suspension cables to mount strings of LED nodes, creating a low-resolution media wall.  Custom software created by the artist provides the imagery, which is inspired by the world around the bridge and the bay area.  Over the course of the two-year installation, the patterns will never repeat, creating a unique viewing experience every night.

Watch the video: Bay Bridge light sculpture steals S.F. spotlight

*Lighting Lesson by Erick Leininger, former Project Manager with The Lighting Practice

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