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Urban Outfitters

Vancouver, BC, CA

Urban Outfitters operates five brands at over 140 locations. With the expansion into new markets and the desire to give their image an update, the retailer tasked The Lighting Practice with re-envisioning the lighting for their brands. TLP’s design goal was to create a unique theatrical shopping experience, using contrast and drama to put customers on stage while also selecting maintenance-friendly lighting that reduced energy consumption, extended lamp life and minimized lamp types. The Vancouver Urban Outfitters offered its own set of challenges since the store would be a refit of an existing three-level building. The solution uses adjustable low-wattage ceramic metal halide sources with carefully selected optics to provide dramatic accents and special moments on the sales floor with ceramic metal halide trackheads to illuminate window displays and vignettes along the store perimeter.


Urban Outfitters


Alfred Borden

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