Jessica Wickes

Lighting Designer II

Jessica joined The Lighting Practice in 2015 after working as a Freelance Lighting Designer for various regional theatre companies and educational programs. She also worked as a Lighting Supervisor for several touring productions. Over time Jessica realized that light was an essential tool that can enhance environments beyond the stage. Her background in the fine arts has helped to shape her approach to lighting design. Her project work includes corporate, retail, higher education, exterior facades, and hospitality environments.

What’s your favorite aspect of light?
My favorite aspect of light is its ability to tell the story of a space. Lighting can help to inform its viewer of a spaces function and feeling, as well as give insight into the people within it.

Why did you become a lighting designer?
I became a lighting designer by way of theatre. I wanted to be onstage, but I could never overcome my terrible stage fright. I came to view lighting as a sort of unscripted character on the stage – one that furthered the story in subtle, yet impactful ways. After that, I started to see the story of lighting all around, not just on the stage. Moving into the world of architecture has given me the opportunity to help write the stories of all different kinds of spaces.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
Super strength would be great.

If you could go back in time, what wisdom would you pass on to your younger self?
Never limit yourself – it’s easy to think that once you’ve chosen a path for yourself, you need to stick only to that. The truth is that every path has branches and forks – and sometimes it’s even okay to stray to another path altogether.


Master of Fine Art in Lighting Design – Temple University

Bachelor of Art in Theater – University of Maryland