Blue Flame Building’s glow returns to the El Paso skyline

El Paso Blue Flame Building

The Lighting Practice is proud to announce the grand opening of the 18-story Blue Flame Building in El Paso, TX.

The building was originally built for the El Paso Natural Gas Company in 1954 and has now been converted into a mixed-use building with 120 affordable apartments, office space, and retail. The building is owned by Housing Authority of the City of El Paso (HACEP) and developed with El Paso Blue Flame Limited Partnership as part of a P3 partnership. The new building façade lighting and the iconic Flame, restored as part of the project, will once again inform residents of pending weather conditions.

The Lighting Practice worked closely with Alamo Architects to bring the client’s vision for the building to life. Principal Jered Widmer and lighting designers Caitlin Bucari, Chris Hallenbeck, Taleen Streeter, and Angela Myers designed a dynamic façade lighting system that activates the El Paso skyline and streetscape while complimenting the historic design of the landmark building. Special care was taken when placing and aiming fixtures to ensure residents’ views were not negatively impacted by the new color-changing lighting system.

The Rhyme

When the flame is BLUE, no change is due.
When the flame is RED, warmer weathers ahead.
When the flame is GOLD, cooler weather foretold.
A FLICKERING flame means wind, snow, or rain. WATCH: Iconic Blue Flame Building lights up downtown El Paso skyline

By Saul Saenz | July 27, 2021

EL PASO, Texas — On Tuesday night, the blue flame atop the former El Paso Natural Gas building in downtown El Paso was shining bright once again.

The lighting came after a grand opening ceremony held earlier in the day for the re-named Blue Flame Building at 304 Texas Avenue, which is now owned by the Housing Authority of El Paso.

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