Christopher Hallenbeck, Senior Lighting Design

Chris Hallenbeck CLCP

Senior Lighting Designer

Chris Hallenbeck joined The Lighting Practice in 2015. Prior to joining TLP, he worked on numerous theatrical productions with multiple Philadelphia-based theaters and companies. Chris is currently managing the ongoing programming for several of our color-changing projects including Avenue of the Arts and the Lit Brothers Building. He is excited to develop lighting designs that last and will be seen for years to come. Chris has designed lighting for corporate, mixed-use, retail, multi-family residential and hospitality environments.

What’s your favorite aspect of light?
It changes. Even when it is exactly the same, different viewers experience the same light differently.

What is your favorite computer program? Why?
The Pharos control software suite. I program several color-changing projects for our clients that use this system. Pharos is the best way to accomplish our design goals and get the results our clients are expecting.

If you had everyone over to your house for dinner, what would you prepare?
Waaaaaaay too many appetizers. I happily get it from my mother. At least 3 cheeses (one very runny/smelly, one local, and one hard with accompaniments), a dip or two with pita chips, bowl of olives, some slices or cubes of a meat, and some cut veggies. After everyone is stuffed… dinner would begin.

Do you have any unusual skills or talents?
I can sing the Canadian National Anthem in French, but not English.


Master of Fine Art in Theatrical Design – Temple University

Bachelor of Art in Theater and Computer Science – Lehigh University