Congratulations to Our Three Newest Project Managers

The Lighting Practice is proud to announce that Chris Hallenbeck, John Conley, and Johnathan Cook have been promoted to Project Manager.

As Project Managers Chris, John, and Johnathan will oversee TLP’s team to meet project goals and deliver high-quality work. Through clear communication and consistent delivery, they will continue to maintain and enhance the firm’s client relationships.

Chris Hallenbeck
Chris joined The Lighting Practice in 2015 after working with several Philadelphia-based theaters and theater companies. During his time with TLP, Chris has designed lighting for corporate, mixed-use, retail, multi-family residential and hospitality environments. He also manages the ongoing programming for several of TLP’s color-changing projects including Avenue of the Arts and the Lit Brothers Building in Philadelphia.

John Conley, IES
John joined The Lighting Practice in 2015 after graduating from The Pennsylvania State University and interning at a prominent A&E firm in Detroit, MI. Since joining TLP, he has designed successful lighting solutions for a variety of project types including hospitality, retail, mixed-use, and exterior public spaces. Working alongside fellow team members, John is exploring innovative ways for TLP to complete further calculation and rendering methods for artificial and natural lighting.

Johnathan Cook, Associate IALD
Johnathan joined The Lighting Practice in 2013 after obtaining a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in Lighting Design from The Pennsylvania State University. He gained hands-on experience in the industry through several internships in theatrical lighting and electrical engineering. Paired with a positive attitude, Johnathan has supported TLP’s commitment to collaboration and responsiveness. He has maintained and enhanced our long-term client relationships. Johnathan’s project experience includes corporate interiors, healthcare, hospitality, civic and public spaces, higher education, and retail environments.

Chris, John, and Johnathan have grown as leaders within TLP’s team and have a proven their ability to collaborate, manage, and support their clients, projects, and fellow designers. The firm appreciates each of their contributions to TLP’s clients, team culture, and the lighting design community at large.