Lighting Design of a corporate space Lighting Design of a corporate space

CRISPR Therapeutics R&D Headquarters

Boston, MA

The CRISPR Therapeutics Boston office is a 263,000-square-foot, multi-story office and laboratory fit-out, whose space reinforces the mission of the gene editing company. The design team explored select removal of materials, emphasizing absence as a way to referencing the company’s research. Lighting designers enhanced the architect’s design, incorporating illuminated genome sequencing-inspired moments in unexpected ways. A custom DNA helices chandelier flows throughout the entire seven-story staircase creating a powerful visual connection between floors. The custom LED fixture, designed by lighting designers and executed by a custom manufacturer, required extensive spatial studies. In the amenity space, artistic grid-mounted LED lighting echoes the acronym, A, C, G, T, for the four types of bases found in a DNA molecule. The large-scale feature ties the space together while balancing the abundant daylight.

The short transitions between public facing areas and research laboratories created ‘odd’ moments, challenging the lighting designers to create connection between distinctly different spaces. Clear and consistent lighting language used throughout created visual consistency and a sleek aesthetic aligned with the innovative nature of the company’s work.

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