St. Thomas Bicentennial Exhibit

New York, NY

Photo by: Provided courtesy of St. Thomas Church
Photo by: The Lighting Practice
Photo by: The Lighting Practice

The St. Thomas Bicentennial Exhibit is a curated display of artifacts and memorabilia, commemorating the Parish’s 200-year journey as a testament to the rich architecture, art, and documents that have shaped the church’s legacy. The Lighting Practice skillfully illuminated the architectural elements, artwork, and items on display in the exhibition. Upgraded track lighting offers flexibility, allowing for dynamic adjustments tailored to the exhibition’s evolving needs. Columns are uplit, distinguishing the exhibit area as a sanctum of unique ambiance within the church’s sacred space. Blending existing and newly built casework, the team integrated adjustable fixtures that offer controlled beams, versatile zooming capabilities, and adaptable mounting options. The result is an immersive journey through history, breathing new life into cherished relics and inviting visitors to embark on an exploration of St. Thomas Parish’s rich heritage.


St. Thomas Church

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