Dionna Scott

Proposal Coordinator

Dionna joined The Lighting Practice in 2022 as Proposal Coordinator. Before joining TLP, Dionna worked as a freelance graphic designer and as a registration clerk with the City of Philadelphia. With her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and subsequent professional experience, Dionna brings forth years of experience with communications, administrative organization and database management. In her new role, Dionna works closely with firm leaders, as well as the marketing and accounting team, assembling proposal responses and managing TLP’s pipeline database. Dionna is motivated by the constant evolution and development of marketing strategy. When she isn’t assisting with the execution of the firm’s proposal requests, Dionna enjoys hiking, baking, journaling and playing chess.

What is your favorite thing about working Philadelphia?
As a foodie, it’s great working downtown because you have a ton of access to a variety of restaurants and cafes.

If you could go back in time, what wisdom would you pass on to your younger self?
I would say to fully embrace everything that makes you feel different because those are actually strengths. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself

What is your favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?
Chocolate everything; chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate candy bars and chocolate chip cookies!


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising - Temple University