Illuminating Engineering Society Award Winners

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The Lighting Practice is proud to announce that the firm’s projects have been recognized internationally by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), and locally by the IES Philadelphia Section for lighting design excellence.

The Aqua Foro Pool Club, Philadelphia, PA

Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Illumination Award of Merit, 2024

IES Philadelphia: Section Award for Outdoor Lighting Design, 2024

The Aqua Foro Pool Club received two lighting design awards from the Illuminating Engineering Society, an Illumination Award of Merit, and a Philadelphia Section Award for Outdoor Lighting Design. Jon Hoyle and Eve Quellman worked with Post Brothers and DIGSAU to bring the surrealist dreamscape to life. The lighting design team embarked on a mission to create a luminous environment that combines inspiration from classical architectural antiquities and the surrealist art movement.

Utilizing a combination of techniques, the lighting scheme seamlessly integrates with the architectural elements of the pool deck. Arched leisure cabanas, reminiscent of ancient ruins, are brought to life with in-grade up-lighting, casting soft glows that accentuate their curves and provide visual comfort. Intimate seating areas and landscape features are bathed in warm illumination, creating pockets of tranquility amidst the hardscape environment.

The design team focused on establishing visual hierarchy, illuminating entry points, and highlighting the soft curves of the space. While lighting the landscape elements, the designers chose to up light the trees to add more vertical illumination and contribute to the purposeful layering of light. Strategic placement of landscape accent lights enhances the pool deck’s boundaries, while low-level step lighting within intimate seating areas fosters a serene ambiance and functional pathway lighting.

The LSC Great Train Set Exhibit, Jersey City, NJ

IES Philadelphia: Award of Merit for Interior Lighting Design, 2024

The LSC Great Train Set Exhibit received a Philadelphia Section Award of Merit for Interior Lighting Design. Jon Hoyle, Thomas Bergeron, Josh Keilly, Lily Meaker, Sarah Lurie and Karinne Loos worked with Art Guild Museums + Environments, The Liberty Science Center and Metcalf Architecture & Design to illuminate the train set and enhance the architectural environment with innovative techniques.

The LSC Great Train Set Exhibit is a testament to the passion of its original owner, John Scully, and the creative problem-solving of its curators and design team. Scully’s donation of his beloved train collection, inspired by his upbringing near Cranberry Lake in NJ, set the stage for a captivating story of the historical Lackawanna Train line.

A major component of the original installation was a sophisticated lighting scene which simulated a day’s cycle, complete with thunderstorms, rainbows, and a starry night sky, all reflecting elements of Scully’s childhood memories. Because of budget, time and sourcing constraints, the design team devised creative solutions using both the existing fixtures and those sourced from online retailers, to recreate the day-to-night scenes facilitated by a DMX-based control system that seamlessly transitions between preset scenes. The team also installed a custom-designed fiber optic night sky to recreate the original starry sky effect that was integral to the original installation.

Spotlights embedded in reader rails offer targeted illumination, guiding visitors through the exhibit. Integrated toe kick lighting beneath the table ensures safe navigation while maintaining an immersive atmosphere. By strategically highlighting different elements, visitors are encouraged to explore and discover new details with each visit to the exhibit.

The Lighting Practice is proud to have been a part of the design team for these award-winning projects. We thank the Illuminating Engineering Society for these exceptional honors.

About The Illuminating Engineering Society

The Illuminating Engineering Society is the premier lighting community dedicated to promoting the art and science of quality lighting to its members, allied organizations, and to the public. The international and local awards programs are an opportunity to recognize designers’ professionalism, ingenuity, and originality.

Aqua Foro Pool Club, Philadelphia, PA- Photo by Halkin Mason Photography

Aqua Foro Pool Club Lighting Design

The LSC Great Train Set, Jersey City, NJ – Photo by Ryan Fisher

The LSC Great Train Set Lighting Design