How to Optimize Lighting for Home Video Conferencing

With millions of people working from home today, video conferencing has grown in importance for workplace communication. However, if you had not previously considered a work-from-home scenario, you may need to optimize your home conferencing space – and fast. Besides having a device with a good camera, light is the primary factor in your video…

The Rail Park to Receive a Preservation Alliance Grand Jury Award

The Lighting Practice is delighted to announce that the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia will honor The Rail Park with a 2020 Grand Jury Award. Presented at the Preservation Achievement Awards on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, the award celebrates the highest level of achievement in historic preservation. The Rail Park was formerly a pedestrian and…

Philly Goes Blue on World Health Day

This year, World Health Day takes on a new meaning globally as healthcare workers and first responders battle on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. On the celebratory day of April 7th, the City of Brotherly Love will honor the healthcare community by illuminating its buildings blue.  Blue is prominent in the medical industry,…

St. Thomas Hall Façade Glows with School Spirit

The University of Scranton’s St. Thomas Gateway is a prominent entryway at the end of Linden Street. At a ceremony held February 20, 2020, the University unveiled the upgraded west-facing façade of St. Thomas Hall that features a modern glass wall. The four-story façade incorporates a large-scale graphic of the University’s seal etched into the…

IoT and Smart Lighting Explained

Jered Widmer, IALD, MIES, explains the important role lighting and The Lighting Practice is playing in the IoT ecosystem. He also provides tips for facilities interested in utilizing smart technology. Video filmed and produced by Oak Leaf Media


What is Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)?

Lillian Knoerzer, Assoc. IALD demystifies correlated color temperature (CCT) explaining when it is appropriate to use warm and/or cool color temperatures.  Lily also shares some of the factors The Lighting Practice considers when recommending CCTs for our projects like culture, climate, market sector, and even materials and finishes used in the space. Video filmed and…


Value of Visualizing Light: VR and 3D Renderings

Michael Barber, Assoc. IALD, LEED AP BD+C, Principal with The Lighting Practie, explains how lighting designers use three-dimensional renderings and VR technology to better understand a space and to visualize how light is ultimately realized. Video filmed and produced by Oak Leaf Media


Lighting Brings Historic Theaters to Life

As lighting designers develop their concept for restoring and renovating a historic theater, several facets inform the design approach: the building’s original je ne sais quoi, its architecture, and the client’s renovation goals.

Jon Hoyle Discusses the New ICR Discovery Center’s Lighting System

Jon Hoyle recently discussed the integrated lighting controls for the new ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History with ET Now. The Institute for Creation Research conducts scientific research within the context of biblical creation. The new Discovery Center for Science and Earth History is a 26,000-SF, single-level expansion where visitors can explore galleries…